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Calli Haus, Fond du Lac

FVA Spotlight: Calli Haus, Fond du Lac Track and Field and Volleyball

Name: Calli Haus

School: Fond du Lac

Year in School: Senior

Sports: Track and Field, Volleyball

Parents’ names: Ryan and Robin

Siblings’ names: Fletcher, Finley, and Brody

Favorite aspect of your school: It has so much to offer from all the different classes to the different clubs. 

What is your favorite class? Calculus 2

Who is your favorite teacher? Kendra Seidel 

What is the best advice one of your coaches has given you? "Lay it all out on the court"

Favorite youth coach: Emily Riese

Favorite place to play on the road in the FVA? You can't beat the Neenah Dome.

Favorite athlete to compete against in the FVA: Lexi Schlafman, Neenah

Favorite memory from being involved in co-curricular activities is…: Our preseason volleyball camping trips where we all sleep in one big tent. Team bonding at its finest!

Favorite professional team: I don't have a favorite professional team. College volleyball is my go to. Badger volleyball all the way.

Favorite professional athlete: It would have to be Lauren Carlini. A Badger alumni playing on the USA women's volleyball team.

College or post-high school plans: I plan attending the University of Wisconsin Madison. 

What is your desired major/career field? Medical

Something people would be surprised to know about me is…: I can quote any line from the Harry Potter/Star Wars movies.

What is at the top of your “bucket list?” I've always loved the idea of backpacking across Europe.

What is your dream job? Obstetrics and Gynaecology (OB/GYN)

Favorite person to follow on Social Media: Taylor Swift. Every post is a egg hunt.

When I have a weekend off of sports, you can usually find me... Binge watching Grey's Antatomy or catching up on sleep.

A non-athletic talent I have is…: I can make a killer batch of chocolate chip cookies.