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Callie Pohlman, Appleton North

FVA Spotlight: Callie Pohlman, Appleton North Basketball and Volleyball

Each week during the 2015-16 school year, the Fox Valley Association will feature two student-athletes (one male and one female) from one of its 10 schools for a "Student-Athlete Spotlight" Q & A segment. The segments will be posted every Tuesday and Thursday and individuals are selected by the school.

Name: Callie Pohlman
School: Appleton North
Sports: Basketball, Volleyball
Other school clubs/activities: FAN club, Link Crew, NHS
Parents’ names: Jim and Becky
Siblings’ names: Avery
Favorite aspect of your school: I enjoy being able to get a great education from teachers who are fun and dedicated, and who challenge students to do their very best. Also, sports are a blast :) 
If you have been involved in community service projects, which has been most rewarding and why? I volunteer for Inspire Sports, which is kind of like Special Olympics. Kids with disabilities come in are are paired with one volunteer. We run around the gym, play games with them, and get to know them better! It is a lot of fun, and it really helps me put my life in perspective. I have made some great friends through Inspire! I can't wait for the next one!
College or post-high school plans: I am currently undecided, but I would like to play basketball!
What is your desired major/career field? Physical or occupational therapy
What is your favorite class? AP Chemisty
Who is your favorite teacher? Mr. Wittman
Favorite youth coach: Becky (Wyngaard) Edwards
What is the best advice one of your coaches has given you? "Everything that happens to you, good or bad, is an opportunity for you to learn and grow." - Lucas Jadin AN basketball coach
Something people would be surprised to know about me is…: I was born in Las Vegas, NV and I have shoulder dimples. 
Favorite place to play on the road in the FVA? Neenah- volleyball and basketball
Favorite athlete to compete against in the FVA: Basketball: Sydney Cocking- Appleton West, Kaylee Anthes and Sammy Buerger- Oshkosh North, Alyssa Barnes- Neenah; Volleyball: Hope Werch- Neenah
Favorite memory from being involved in co-curricular activities is…: Going to state for volleyball my freshman and junior year.
Favorite professional team: Green Bay Packers
Favorite professional athlete: Steph Curry, Maya Moore
What is at the top of your “bucket list?” Going to Hawaii with my mom
What is your dream job? Dog whisperer
Favorite person to follow on Twitter: Sophie Mariano @Sophie_Mariano
A non-athletic talent I have is…: I have been known to drink 840 calories of chocolate milk in one sitting.