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Lexi Walter, Hortonville

FVA Spotlight: Lexi Walter, Hortonville Volleyball and Basketball

Name: Lexi Walter

School: Hortonville

Year in School: Senior

Sports: Basketball, Volleyball

Other school clubs/activities: Link Crew, SWAP, Student Council & National Honor Society

Parents’ names: Jim & Becky

Siblings’ names: Madi

Favorite aspect of your school: I love how the staff connect so well with the students and I enjoy all the pride Hortonville has.

If you have been involved in community service projects, which has been most rewarding and why? I have done many mission trips, but this past summer I did mission work in the Dominican Republic and that was by far the most eye opening. It was so rewarding to know I was helping people that have so little, but have so much gratitude.

What is your favorite class? Marketing

Who is your favorite teacher? Mr. Hintz

What is the best advice one of your coaches has given you? Pursue perfection in practice, so you find excellence in games.

Favorite youth coach: Jim Frederick

Favorite place to play on the road in the FVA? Appleton North

Favorite athlete to compete against in the FVA: Abby Evers (Kimberly)

Favorite memory from being involved in co-curricular activities is…: Making it to the state tournament last year for basketball was definitely the most memorable co-curricular event.

Favorite professional team: Green Bay Packers

Favorite professional athlete: Dwayne Wade

College or post-high school plans: I hope to attend Edgewood College in Madison next fall.

What is your desired major/career field? I want to major in business with the intent of being a medical sales rep in the future.

Something people would be surprised to know about me is…: I have the same birthday as my grandma.

What is at the top of your “bucket list?” Before I die, I want to float in the Dead Sea

What is your dream job? It would be my dream to travel often for work

Favorite person to follow on Social Media: Kim Zolciak Biermann

When I have a weekend off of sports, you can usually find me... At the Fox River Mall

A non-athletic talent I have is…: I can do tongue twisters very fast and I used to be able to squirt milk out of my eye.