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Rey Brewer, Oshkosh North

FVA Spotlight: Rey Brewer, Oshkosh North Cross Country, Football, Track and Field and Wrestling

Name: Rey Brewer

School: Oshkosh North

Year in School: Senior

Sports: Cross Country, Football, Track and Field, Wrestling

Parents’ names: Beth and Steve Brewer

Siblings’ names: Aiden Brewer

Favorite aspect of your school: Everything. I love school, I get to see my friends and get to learn new things. Also our teachers care that we all do our best. Can you really ask for more?

If you have been involved in community service projects, which has been most rewarding and why? I'm in this class called Communities and we went to the retirement homes in Oshkosh to teach the elderly technology while building meaningful relationships which really was a special thing because I met a person named Susanne and we created such a great bond. I got the chance to hear her tell me all about her and her family. I made a life long friend and that's the most important reward in life.   

What is your favorite class? Architecture and design

Who is your favorite teacher? Mrs. Bougie

What is the best advice one of your coaches has given you? Stay golden, have Grit, NEVER QUIT

Favorite youth coach: Gregg Goers

Favorite athlete to compete against in the FVA: The Oshkosh West 4X400 meter relay

Favorite memory from being involved in co-curricular activities is…: Is the moment I made it to state with my 4X400 meter partner and my best friend making it to in the 4X200 and my mom, dad and brother being there to make it so much more special

Favorite professional team: USA BMX team

Favorite professional athlete: Donald Driver

College or post-high school plans: Going to Lakeland to run track and wrestle 

What is your desired major/career field? Business degree and then eventually an Architectural engineering degree   

Something people would be surprised to know about me is…: I'm adopted

What is at the top of your “bucket list?” Meeting Donald Driver

What is your dream job? Being an Architectural engineer  

Favorite person to follow on Social Media: My brother

When I have a weekend off of sports, you can usually find me... Hanging out with my pal Devon or just being with my family

A non-athletic talent I have is…: Playing the drums