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Kylie Alger, Oshkosh West

FVA Spotlight: Kylie Alger, Oshkosh West Gymnastics and Soccer

Name: Kylie Alger

School: Oshkosh West

Year in School: Senior

Sports: Gymnastics, Soccer

Other school clubs/activities: O'Neil National Honor Society, Project West, Sources of Strength

Parents’ names: Tammy and Luke Alger

Siblings’ names: Carson, Levi and Jarrett Alger

Favorite aspect of your school: Meeting new people and creating friendships through the sports and activities I was involved in.

What is your favorite class? UW-O biology 

Who is your favorite teacher? Mr. Hartman

What is the best advice one of your coaches has given you? My soccer coach once said "it's not the size of the dog in the fight; it's the size of the fight in the dog" and that has stuck with me.

Favorite youth coach: Sohaila Akhavein

Favorite place to play on the road in the FVA? Kimberly 

Favorite athlete to compete against in the FVA: Jillian Schwake - Oshkosh West

Favorite memory from being involved in co-curricular activities is…: We had a gymnastics lock-in this past season that ended up being lots of fun.

Favorite professional team: Green Bay Packers

Favorite professional athlete: Simone Biles

College or post-high school plans: UW-La Crosse

What is your desired major/career field? Occupational Therapy 

Something people would be surprised to know about me is…: I can say the alphabet backwards

What is at the top of your “bucket list?” Go to Australia 

What is your dream job? Anything that involves traveling the world

Favorite person to follow on Social Media: Kaytlin Kuettner

When I have a weekend off of sports, you can usually find me... Hanging out with friends

A non-athletic talent I have is…: Dominating in Mario Kart