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Patti (Peppler) Kimball, Oshkosh West

Patti (Peppler) Kimball, Oshkosh West Basketball, Golf, Softball and Volleyball (1983)

Patti (Peppler) Kimball played four seasons of basketball at Arizona State University and competed in basketball, golf, softball and volleyball at Oshkosh West High School before graduating in 1983. Here is an update of her accomplishments and where she is now:

College Attended: Arizona State University

Academic Major: B.S.-Business Administration

Primary College Athletic Achievements: To date, currently ranks sixth in Arizona State history in career assists with 389, Member of school's All-Decade Team, All-Pac 10 Conference (1987)
Current Residence: Oshkosh

Current Career: Paraprofessional-Special Education/Transition (Oshkosh West High School)
Family (list spouse and children, including ages of children): James Kimball (married 27 yrs.), Kyle (24), Kelly (22)
What sports do you participate in now? Biking
What game/event against an FVA opponent stands out in your memory and why? One of our biggest conference rivals was Neenah. I vividly remember our regional final game against Neenah, at home, to advance to sectionals. The game went down to the wire and we ended up winning by a narrow margin. I remember the game being back and forth and I truly believe we won because of the coaching decisions made that night. This instilled the power of the coaches' strategy/decisions to me going forward in my career.
Who was your favorite athlete you competed against in the FVA? Laura Coenen (Neenah)
Who was your favorite FVA team to compete against? Kimberly. We were outmatched often, but it showed me what we could strive for.
What makes you most proud of your high school? Oshkosh West played a huge part in my development as an athlete and a person. Our teams always had top notch people as coaches and this plays a huge role in the formation of character. West continues to support their athletes and provide them with life changing opportunities. I am proud that West athletes, good or not so good, always represents themselves and their school with Wildcat pride.
Please share any other great memories of competing in the FVA: My senior year we went to the state tournament in basketball for the first time in the school's history.  The road to the state tournament is one that I wish all athletes could feel. It is a feeling like no other.
Please share anything else you have done or accomplished since high school that is noteworthy:
My biggest and best accomplishment is my family, by far. I also tried out for the Olympic basketball team in 1984. Tryouts were held at UCLA and were run by the late Pat Summitt (historic Tennessee coach). Meeting Coach Summitt was incredible!  I have never met another person more knowledgeable about the game and all that it demands. I was cut in the second-to-last round, but am proud that I represented well.

Quote: "I believe that involvement in athletics is a privilege and not a right.  I have never taken the opportunities given to me for granted.  I believe athletics teaches us so much.  Patience, team work, resilience, work ethic, decision making, dealing with pressure, learning to work with all different types of people, sportsmanship, etc.  I am a stronger individual because of my involvement.  I hope that the FVA remains strong and that there will be many more milestones ahead."