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Gemie (Goerl) McLoed, Kimberly

Gemie (Goerl) McLoed, Kimberly Basketball, Softball and Volleyball (1989)

Gemie (Goerl) McLoed was a three-sport standout at Kimberly High School and was a dominant softball pitcher, leading the Papermakers to consecutive state titles in 1988 and 1989. She was an all-conference collegiate pitcher at Eastern Michigan University. Here is an update of her accomplishments and where she is now:

Academic Major: Biology/ Chemistry

Graduate College Attended: Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM) 

Graduate Degrees Earned: Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (NMD) 

Current Residence: Prescott, Arizona 

Current Career: Physician and Co-Owner of Innate Wellness & Medical Center

Family (list spouse and children, including ages of children): James McLeod (husband); Ryan McLeod (step-son); Allen McLeod (step-son); Abigayle Kohler (daughter); Emily Kohler (daughter); Isabel McLeod (step-daughter); Charles McLeod (step-son) 

List any community organizations, hobbies or activities you are involved in: Volunteer at Chino Valley Word of Life Assembly

What sports do you participate in now? Recreational Golfer and Hiker

What game/event against an FVA opponent stands out in your memory and why? So many... hard to pick just one!  

Who was your favorite athlete you competed against in the FVA? Sara Biese (Kaukauna High School)

Who was your favorite FVA team to compete against? Kaukauna High School

What makes you most proud of your high school? I always tell people that it was absolutely glorious to be a student-athlete at Kimberly High School. The support of the community and the level of excellence that has remained is something really special.  I am so grateful to be a part of a legacy of not only great athletes and students, but amazing teachers, coaches and support staff. I owe much of my personal and professional success to the great foundation that was started at Kimberly High School.

Please share anything else you have done or accomplished since high school that is noteworthy: Currently, I  co-own a thriving medical practice with my husband, James.  We serve our community and many who travel from around the country to receive care and treatments here in Prescott, Arizona.